How To Create Forwarders

This email feature allows you to configure an email account to forward incoming emails to another address.

To create an email forwarder: 

  1. Navigate to the Email section, then click Forwarders.

    cPanel - Email Accounts - Forwarders

  2. On the Forwarders page, click the Add Forwarder button.

    Email Accounts - Add Forwarder

  3. On the next page, fill out the Address to Forward text box. This is the username to which you want to forward the incoming email.

    Email Forwarders - Enter Details

  4. Select the domain of your email account.
  5. Select any of the following Destination options.
    • Forward to email address: This option forwards incoming emails to another address. Provide the forwarding address in the text box.
    • Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time): This option discards incoming email and automatically sends a failure message to the sender. You may enter your preferred failure message in the Failure Message text box.
  6. You can click the Advanced Options to configure additional options.

    Email Forwarder - Advanced Options

    • Forward to a system account: This option forwards an incoming email to a system user. Please note that system accounts do not have a public-facing email address.
    • Pipe to a Program: This option automatically forwarding an incoming email to a program through a path provided in the text box.
    • Discard (Not Recommended): This option discards incoming emails without sending a failure message to the sender.
  7. Once done, click the Add Forwarder button.
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