Someone sent me a mail, but I did not receive it. How so?

There may be different possible reasons why you cannot receive the e-mail. There are also a few tests that can help you find the problem:

•Check via Webmail if your e-mails arrive on the server. Also, check if you have an internet connection. If it arrives, then check the settings of your e-mail program.
•Mail servers can be (temporarily) overcharged. Try sending the mail again later.
Grey listing (Method to prevent spam. Has a delaying effect if a mail is sent for the first time to an addressee who has grey listing on the mail server.can have a delaying effect.
•Ask the sender if he/she did not receive an error message. Maybe there was a typing error in the e-mail address? If necessary check also the catch-all mail address (standard:
•If the sender is sending from e.g. an internetcafé abroad, then it could be blacklisted on a spam list. Check if other people with a different hosting provider do receive e-mails.
•If you had your domain name expired (by paying too late or not at all) you will no longer be able to receive emails to that domain name.
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