How to use FTP in Linux Web Hosting?


How to access your Web Hosting via FTP:

To access your web hosting you will require an FTP application (File Transfer Protocol.) to be able to upload files to allow access from the internet. If you not require an FTP application to access your web hosting servers FileZilla can be downloaded by clicking here.

To access your web hosting please use the following details:

FTP Hostname / Server: Refer to Web Hosting Welcome Letter
Username: username
Password: password
Webspace Address / URL: Refer to Web Hosting Welcome Letter


The above details can be obtained from your web hosting Service Details provided when your service was configured. If you no longer have your Service Details please contact Technical Support here

To Connect to your Web Hosting Server or Free Personal Webspace:

1. Once you have the FileZilla client already downloaded and installed on your computer, please open the FileZilla Client.

2. Enter your domain name in the Host field (eg. if you have a Business Web Hosting Service.

For more information regarding about our Business Web Hosting Service please click here.

(You can also use the server's IP address if known).

3. Enter your username and the password in the fields provided. If require your username and password for your account these details can be obtained from your web hosting welcome letter or service details sheet provided when your service was configured. If these details are required please contact SaharaNet here.

4. Enter Port Number: 3123 

5. Click Quickconnect and the file listing will appear. Find the www in the right pane and double left click.

6. Then, simply select the files to be uploaded and drag-and-drop them in the right pane. Wait for the transfer to becompleted.

The first/home page of your website should be called index.htmindex.htmlindex.php or index.asp. Please note this depends on the service you are using.

Please note, the servers which use UNIX based operating systems as the chosen product use filenames which are case sensitive. For example InDex.HTmL is not the same as index.html. It is suggested to use all lowercase filenames also excluding symbols and spaces

7. Once the files have completed transferring the files will be listed on the right pane for the on the remote server.

If you are behind a firewall and/or a router you will need to use a Passive mode for FTP to get a stable connection.

You can configure this setting as shown bellow:

Open FileZilla and go to Edit -> Settings. In the Connections section, click FTP and set the Passive mode option to Use the server's external IP address instead.



Changes to MX Records or A Records with Domain Name Registration can be requested by emailing our Domain Administrators here..
If you require further assistance for Domain Names or Hosting products please contact our Domain Administrators here.


The FTP programs used for uploading files from your PC to your website or downloading files from your website to your PC. You can download FREE FTP program from here and see below screenshot for more details.


Author: Sahara Net - Support
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