How to Add Addresses to the Blacklist?

Add Addresses to the Blacklist

.. To do this, follow these steps.

 - go to DomainName/cpanel and log in with the mail address and the password.


-The Cpanel status page will be displayed. This will show details including the Add Addresses to the Blacklist.



Select Spam Assassin icon.

Enable Spam Assassin by simply clicking Enable Spam Assassin button. Then click Configure SpamAssassin.



Enter addresses whose email is often allowed past the spam filter, but from whom you do not wish to receive email.

You may use * as a wildcard for multiple characters, or ? as a single-character wildcard.

  • — Blacklists a single email address.
  • * — Blacklists all the addresses at
  • ? — For example, would be blacklisted, but would not be blacklisted.

By default, 5 text boxes appear, allowing you to add 5 addresses. To add more than 5 addresses:

  1. Fill in the first 5 text boxes.
  2. Click Save.



When you return to the page, more text boxes will appear.


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